Brave wireless announcer risked her life to protect her town

I had to translate and post this true story that occurred yesterday in Minami Sanriku, Miyagi prefecture. Thanks to Keri Luna's Help.

"Run! Please run now!"

While the whole town was being swallowed up by the massive Tsunami in Miyagi prefecture, many city employees, policemen and firefighters had disappeared, but there was one female employee who announced this evacuation message to the community, until the tsunami finally took her away.

"My daughter probably shouted herself hoarse until--," said Mieko, the woman's fifty-three year old mother.

At the high school where she had been evacuated, she tearfully spoke about her twenty-five year old daughter, Miki, an employee at the city's crisis-management center. Even after the mega quake hit the town, Miki continued her wireless radio broadcast from the town's disaster prevention countermeasure office. (Third story building:

Another employee who evacuated, said: "Thirty minutes after the massive quake, a tsunami that was more than ten meters high attacked town offices. Ten people survived. They held on to the roof's radio tower for dear life, but Miki wasn't there."

Her mother said, "Some employees told me they saw Miki drift away. I don't think she made it."

Right after the mega quake hit the town, Mieko's sixty-one year old friend, Taeko, said she ran holding only her cell phone. With little more than the clothes on her back, Taeko got in her car drove up to the high school shelter on the hill while in the background hearing Miki's voice announce: "There is a six meter wave coming! Please run! Run immediately!" over the town's wireless community radio. While driving up the hill, Taeko looked back and saw the tsunami leveling houses as it rushed toward her car.

Taeko stamped on the accelerator as if her life depended on it and heard Miki's voice announce: "Run! Please run now!" in the background throughout town. When she got out of the car and ran up the steps of the shelter, where Mieko also has been evacuated, Taeko held Mieko's hands and said, "I heard your daughter's voice over and over"

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